Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair my car’s sagging headliner?
YES! A sagging or drooping headliner is a common problem with older model cars. Common solutions found on the internet are often “quick fixes” that are impractical, unattractive or both. We can repair or replace your old, damaged headliner and restore it to factory new condition.

What can be done about the leaking door seals / sunroof on my car?
Older model vehicles often develop leaks around the doors and sunroof. Sometimes this can be solved by recondition the existing rubber seals, but sometimes it requires replacing them. We can help you determine which solution is right for your car.

Can you repair my Driver’s seat?
YES! We regularly restore worn and damaged seats to match the original factory interior. Visit our shop and we will help determine a solution that best fits your budget and style.

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